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Trip Surf in Biarritz

France is full of surf spots that are as splendid as each other. Today, we want to talk about a must-see destination for any self-respecting surfer. This is Biarritz, one of the favorite spots of surfers in Europe.

Where to surf in Biarritz?

This city of the Basque Country is fitted with several beaches interesting for surfers. Among the places not to be missed are the Grande Plage beach and the Miramar beach. These are the two most popular spots for surfers. It is also on the Grande Plage beach that the world surfing took place from 20 to 28 May last. But before you go there make sure you have the right board. If you do not have one, you will inevitably find a surfboard rental biarritz.

Another beach enjoyed by surfers, but also the locals, is the beach of La Marbella. But we cannot miss out on the beautiful and mythical Côtes des Basques. This is probably the most popular spot. It has become mythical since the shooting of the movie “Sun is rising too.”

Why go to Biarritz to surf?

To do a trip surf in Biarritz is almost impossible to circumvent for any lover of skiing which respects itself. Indeed, the spots of Biarritz are among the best spots in Europe. Moreover, the city is considered as the European surfing capital as the first surfing competitions took place in this city in the late ’50s. This makes it a mythical city for surfers. Moreover, from 20 to 28 May 2017 took place the world ISA surfing in Biarritz. The opportunity to see the world’s greatest surfers tame wild waves.

Biarritz is an ideal destination for surfers, both beginners and professionals. For some, the city abounds with a multitude of surf schools to learn the basics of the sport or to improve your skills. For the others, the climate makes it possible to enjoy all year round splendid beaches and waves.

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