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The newest trends for surf holidays!

If there is one thing that drives us to go out during the summer, it is the sun, the heat and especially the fine weather. With this summer time, it's unimaginable to decide to stay at home. What you need to push yourself out of your home is finding an activity that will please you. And for that, do not worry. We have the activity that will allow you to have a good time but also to have lots of fun. In addition, you can practice it with friends, or even with family. Stop asking yourself what we want to talk about. It is about the activity most practiced during the summer, we talk to you about surfing. So this is the time for you to come surfing, even if you do not know each other.

If you really want to have fun during holidays, beaches are here for you.

This summer, you have only one direction to turn to. This is Biarritz. If we recommend this place, it is because you will find beautiful beaches but also a great place for surfing. So do not deprive yourself of this opportunity. Do not hesitate to come and slip on the waves of the beaches of Biarritz. Are you a beginner? No problem. We have instructors who will be delighted to teach you and introduce you to surfing. Whether it's a traditional surfboard, a longboard or a short board, it is up to you to decide what type of surfboard you want to start learning. There are a large number of spots where you can find biarritz surf rental, you will never be disoriented. And even if you do not have a surfboard, we can rent one for the day or even for the duration of your stay. Come and have a good time in Biarritz.

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Snow surf

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